Telling stories, creating acceptance

By telling stories about LGBTQ athletes, the goal is to create acceptance within the sports community. We know who we are, maybe the world should too.

Latest Stories

Calling all athletes

The time to let homophobia, transphobia and other hate speech in the locker room slide is done. For those of you on teams that are supported by organizations that are anti-LGBTQ or anti-BIPOC, it is time to start calling out your teams, time to start making a change. “But how can I do that? whereContinue reading “Calling all athletes”

Sports bring the world together, so why not make them more inclusive?

Sports are in a lot of people’s lives, they are there when you’re young, playing in the schoolyard, on the street, even some organized sports start young. High school is a time when a lot of athletes get introduced to playing their favorite sport, I didn’t start playing football until grade 10. What also happensContinue reading “Sports bring the world together, so why not make them more inclusive?”

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